MyImageUploader 1.5 (End-of-life)
MyImageUploader is a small program that can be put on a web page for uploading images to a web server. Thumbnails can be created and uploaded together with the original images. Broken uploads are resumed automatically. Pictures can be resized to decrease the upload time. The image uploader can be used with PHP, ASP.NET, C# and Java.
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yes Resumes broken uploads yes Fast and reliable
yes Thumbnail view yes Progress bar
yes Image resizing yes Easy configuration
yes Upload of thumbnails yes Multi language
yes Supports jpg, gif, png and bmp image files

Why using MyImageUploader?

Resume functionality - If the connection is lost the image uploader tries to resume the upload automatically. If after 3 attempts the connection cannot be reestablished an error message will be displayed. Note that the maximum number of attempts is configurable.

Resize functionality - Often it is not necessary to upload the original (large) image. Therefore MyImageUploader can resize the selected images before the actual upload. Because resized images are smaller in size this will decrease the upload time!

Upload of thumbnails - The image uploader can create a thumbnail of an image. This thumbnail can be uploaded to the server together with the original picture.

Supported file types: jpg, gif, png and bmp - Most common image files are supported by MyImageUploader. Note that the resize functionality of gif files doesn't work with the Java Plugin 1.5.

Easy of use - Images can be easily selected in the thumbnail panel. If you want to see a larger picture of the image than this is also possible. The image uploader contains a special panel that contains all selected images. In this panel the user can verify the selected images.

Secure uploads - MyImageUploader supports HTTPS. This means that the pictures can be uploaded securely.

Platform independent - MyImageUploader is implemented as a Java Applet. A Java applet is a smal program that can be put on a web site, just like flash. A great advantage of an applet is that it runs on all operating sytems (Windows, Mac and Linux) with a Java Plugin.

Progress bar - During upload MyImageUploader shows a progress bar with a thumbnail of the image in progress.

MyImageUploader - the most user-friendly image uploader


User-friendly - MyImageUploader has a clear and intuitive interface. Therefore it is very user-friendly. You can check the demo.

FREE updates for one year!

Our upgrade policy - Yes you receive free updates of any subsequent version of MyImageUploader Standard Edition that we may release within one year from the date of your purchase. Your updates include everything from small feature additions to major milestone releases and certificate renewals.

After that if you would like to upgrade to a newer version, you can buy an upgraded version for a discounted price.
yes  Look and Feel - By default the Windows look and feel will be used. You can also define your own Java look and feel.

yes  Multiple image resize algorithms - The image uploader supports 5 resize algorithms, including bicubic and bilinear. See for more information the parameter 'imageInterpolation'.

yes  Installation - The installation of MyImageUploader is not difficult, although it might be practical to have some programming experience. The image uploader can be used with PHP, ASP.NET, C# and Java. The Free Edition contains a sample application for all these programming / scripting languages.

yes  Multi language - MyImageUploader is available in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, and Turkish.

Source Code Edition

MyImageUploader comes in two editions, the Standard Edition and the Source Code Edition. Usually the Standard Edition is sufficient but the Source Code Edition has the following advantages:

1) You may install the Source Code Edition on any server of your business.
2) You may change the Java Source Code.
3) You may redistribute the binary code of the uploader royalty-free as part with your own application.
See for more information the license of the Source Code Edition.