Java Upload and Download Applets

Important notice: Chrome not supported anymore from September 2015

1. As of Chrome Version 42 the NPAPI must be enabled for Java applets. See "Enabling NPAPI in Chrome Version 42 and later" for more information.

2. From September 2015 NPAPI cannot be enabled anymore. Because the Java Plugin requires NPAPI Java applets shall not work anymore from September 2015. Oracle advices to use another browser, click here fore more information.

Important notice: MS Edge

Windows 10 contains a new browser: MS Edge. This browser doesn't support plugins. Therefore the uploaders and downloaders of JavaAtWork doesn't work in MS Edge.

Java upload applets are an ideal solution for file and folder upload. Unlike ActiveX components applets are platform independent. This means that they also work on a Mac or on a Linux machine. JavaAtWork offers two multiple file upload applets. One for HTTP and one for FTP.

MyUploader 1.19  -  HTTP Java Upload Applet

MyUploader is the award winning java applet for uploading files to a web server using the HTTP(S) protocol. It offers you impressive benefits; from time saving file uploads to one of the most intuitive interfaces ever created.
Main Benefits

yes Multiple file upload yes Drag and drop
yes Folder upload yes Zip
yes Image resizing yes Multiple look and feels
yes And much more . . . .  
box MyUploader

MyFTPUploader 1.11  -  FTP Java Upload Applet

MyFTPUploader is a powerful java upload applet for uploading files to an FTP server. The java uploader is highly configurable; from automatic login to setting the default transfer type. Besides that, the upload applet has the same award winning inferface as MyUploader.
Main Benefits

yes Multiple file upload yes Drag and drop
yes Folder upload yes Progress bar
yes Image resizing yes Windows look-and-feel
yes And much more . . . .  
box MyFTPUploader

MyDownloader 1.13  -  HTTP Java Download Applet

MyDownloader is an applet for downloading multilple files at once. The downloader can download entire tree structures. If you need to download multiple files then this is a perfect solution.
Main Benefits

yes Multiple file download yes Drag and drop
yes Folder download yes Drop to favourite program
yes Multiple look 'n' feels yes Simplified folderchooser
yes And much more . . . .  
box MyDownloader